The Danger Room Live Album

This is the debut album from comedians Brett Forte, Sam Walker and Uncle Hack.

In an age when saying the ‘wrong’ thing is often vilified, this unique comedy album celebrates the darkest corners of what is funny.

The Danger Room encourages the crowd to become a part of the show, so you’ll hear multiple crowd-work moments and even one audience member getting kicked out.

Appearing on the album is:

Brett Forte, who has been featured on Just For Laughs, The Hollywood Comedy Festival and most notably, has been banned from the CBC.

Uncle Hack, the creator of Danger Cats, the current Roast Battle Champion of Canada and someone who has been banned from Tik Tok 7 times and counting.

Sam Walker, who is a previous 5-time Roast Battle Champion and is banned from the entire country of Sweden.

This album will likely be banned from the internet soon, so get it while you can ;)

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