Peace River | Nov 8, 2024


Sam Walker, Brett Forte, and Uncle Hack bring you an evening of jokes your HR department would have a meltdown over.

For those unfamiliar, The Danger Room is a safe place for dangerous ideas. It’s a unique comedy show that celebrates the darkest corners of what’s funny. 

Brett Forte headlines. He's been featured on Just For Laughs, The Hollywood Comedy Festival and most notably, he's been banned for life by The CBC. 

Also on the show: Sam Walker, a previous 5-time Roast Battle Champion who is banned from the entire country of Sweden along with:

Uncle Hack, a former MMA fighter and oilfield roughneck, founder of the Danger Cats iconoclastic brand; the spirit of which has fully carried over into his standup comedy. 

He has received cease and desist orders from government officials over his designs. Be sure to check out the merch page and guess which ones ;)

Come on down and enjoy yourselves for once folks!

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